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6 Enticing Historical Places and Monuments in Kerala

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Historical Places and Monuments in Kerala

Kerala is home to a huge number of water bodies and lush green pastures of the land. The scenic beauty of Kerala is unparalleled, and people who reside there are just downright lucky! Needless to ask why it has been nicknamed as “God’s own country” since it feels like the abode of angels and a sprawling Paradise. Well, not only does Kerala provide you with awe-inspiring sights to behold, its historical importance is as interesting as anyone can already guess. If you are planning your next trip to Kerala, this is your guide! Allow us to take you on a guided tour through the different historical places to visit in Kerala.

1. Mattancherry Palace: Artsy In Its Own Way

Also known as the “Dutch Palace,” located in Kochi it is one of the eminent historical places to visit in Kerala. It was built as a present for the emperor of Kochi by the Portuguese rulers in 1555. The architecture of this place is really admirable that attract the attention of tourists from all over the world. It is a place that preserves the art and architecture of pre-historic Kerala. The richness of the art here is immense and contains murals of the Hindu temple art and quite a few portraits from the Kochi dynasty.

2. Jewish Synagogue: The Grandeur Of Heritage

Nestled in the small neighborhood of Mattencherry of the old Kochin, this place is one of top Kerala’s historical sites and a treasure trove of some of the great architectural displays of olden times. Built by the Paradesi Jewish community once inhabiting the Jew town area of Kerala in the olden days, this one is only functional of the seven synagogues and is decorated with glass chandeliers and lamps that are vintage now.

3. Francis Church: Oozing Charm Since Eternity

Francis church has a charm of its own. This one is the oldest European church in the country. Also, known as Fort Cochin, this place gives a vibe of the late 1530s and can time travel you back to the times when our country was the hub of the European colonies. Initially, it was a wooden structure that was dedicated to st. Bartholomew. It was once the burial ground of the famous Portuguese explorer, Vasco Da Gama as well. Later it became a popular place in Kerala that depicts the Portuguese culture and is quite an attraction for its visitors, swooping down in numbers to visit this place.

4. Angelo Fort: Grandeur Facing The Sea

Dom Francisco De Almeida was India’s first Portuguese viceroy who built this fort located in the city of Kannur. One of the best parts of Kerala tourism is that you get to know so much about the diversified cultures of India, this being one of them. It stands tall overlooking the Arabian Sea and is also known as Kannur fort or Kannur kotta.

5. Bolghatty Palace: The Architectural Masterpiece

A lovely place to visit in Kerala is this Bolghatty palace. It is a masterpiece of architecture of the Dutch empire in the Ernakulam district. It happened to be the official residence of the Dutch Governor but was captured by the British Government.  Visitors can reach this place via a jetty ride from the Ernakulam jetty. This place has now been converted into a hotel and stands tall on an island in the Arabian sea. This surely should be on your list to make your traveling days beautiful, getting to know the rich history of the place at the same time.

6.  Anjuthengu Fort: The Heavenly Abode

Built by the East India Company in the 17th century, this place attracts tourist from all over India to Thiruvananthapuram and its neighboring places. The lush green pastures of land dotted with coconut trees make it look no less than a heaven. This place was a trading zone in the pre-historic times.

The Kerala tour packages provide you with the best of deals and options, and you will have plenty to choose from, without leaving a hole in your pocket. If history is on your mind and adventures on your list, Kerala is the place you must visit!