Sun. Jan 26th, 2020


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6 Benefits of Replacing Lost Teeth

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The first image that comes to our mind when you think of people who have missing teeth or decayed teeth is that of the elderlies. But that is only an imagination!

These days, even the 20-year olds often experience missing teeth and those between 20 to 64 years have at least 2-3 missing or decayed teeth.

Previously, the patients had limited or very few options for the replacement of missing teeth. Before the dental implants appeared, the bridges and the partial and full dentures were used for replacing those teeth.

Presently, however, thanks to the advancement of dentistry, the dental implants have become the most preferred mode of tooth replacement. There are multiple benefits that you can get today by replacing your missing teeth with dental implants.

Here some of them are mentioned. Just take a look.

  • Implants Help to Restore the Natural Look and Feel – The dental implants look and feel quite natural and they help in maintaining your natural and usual lifestyle. This implies that you can eat, talk and smile all naturally. The dental restorations like bridges and dentures can slip when you are talking or laughing. To prevent additional slipping, you may often have to adjust them. But the dental implants are fixed to the jawbone and like your natural teeth, they won’t move or make a sound.

  • They Restore the Facial Shape – The teeth roots act as stabilizers and offer a firm facial foundation. Your roots also act as stimulators that make the jawbone sturdier and healthier and offer your face a natural shape. If you don’t replace your natural teeth there are a series of changes that occur over time and change your face and jawbone. The bone in the jawbone area begins to deteriorate once the tooth roots are gone. With the melting of the bone, your faces take a sunken and aged avatar because of the missing bone structure. An artificial tooth root system is provided by the dental implants that restore the original structure of your face for years.

  • Implants Preserve Oral Function of the Teeth – With the stability of the dental implants and the attachment of the permanent prosthetic crowns, patients can enjoy all the oral functions. The dentures and bridges restrict the complete functioning as they may move at the time of speaking and chewing. But the dental implants permit a person to enjoy a fully balanced diet with comfort and confidence.

  • They Keep the Gums Healthy – Whenever your teeth go missing, part of the gum tissue gets exposed. This makes your gums susceptible to gum ailment which is the primary cause of loosing teeth. The implants help to maintain the natural balance in the mouth so that the mouth can stay healthy.

  • Implants are Long-lasting and Involve Low Maintenance – The titanium is used for constructing the implants. This is an exclusive material as it helps the maintenance of the dental implants which allows osseointegration – a biological process. Through this process, the bone fuses with the jaw completely. As the jaw anchors the roots of the teeth, the dental implants are held in the place as a result of the bone integration. Osseointegration lasts for almost 10 years and even lasts for an entire lifetime of a person. Again, the dental implants are also quite low-maintenance as compared with the dentures and bridges that call for overnight soaking and water irrigators. Patients just need to floss and brush around the teeth for the maintenance of the implants as they do for their natural teeth.

  • They Help Supporting the Surrounding Teeth – The teeth surrounding the missing tooth can start to suffer if you don’t replace it. The huge pockets in the gums create a lot of space in which bacteria and plaque can develop. If the missing tooth is not replaced, then the surrounding gums and teeth get susceptible to decay and periodontal ailment.

The above are some of the major benefits that you get if you opt for superior dental implants in South Delhi for replacing your missing teeth. Apart from the above, the implants look so similar to your natural teeth that your facial aesthetics are also restored and ensure that you can smile confidently for years together.