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With this digital going world, the internet becomes the “Most Wanted” thing sought by everyone. And in this pandemic period, the internet is necessary to avoid your boredom. But, it becomes very frustrating when your internet connection works slow and that too when you are working from home.

Slow internet can be because of your infrastructure providers, ISP, or the fibre cable breaks. Moreover, your home networks can also be the reason for the slow speed of your internet. It is usual in anyone’s home that we see a sudden decline in our internet connection in some parts of our house, or sometimes the speed declines to a superficial level in some parts of our home. When you start noticing this, then the reason for your slow internet speed is your home network.

The first step would be acquiring a stable IP Adress, such as Then the standard solution we all do is to turn it on and off. Most of the time, it works. But, most of the time, it doesn’t. When this “so common” way doesn’t work, for that, below are the five ways with the help of which you can tackle the problem of slow internet speed and can have a better internet experience.

1. Change In The Router Positioning

The main reason for not having the internet’s speed is the wrong positioning of the internet router in your home. Many times, your Wi-Fi creates problems when it has to penetrate through many walls. Not only walls but electronic objects can also obstruct the speed of your Wi-Fi connection. To avoid this kind of situation, the solution is to change the position of your router and keep position it at a place where it can freely gain the connection.

However, your broadband connection can also be the reason for the slow internet speed. For instance, if you are using a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi band and are still experiencing the worst rate, you may shift to a more robust bandwidth. You may go for 5GHz, which will definitely show you significant results in your internet speed.

2. Remove Congestion From Your Wi-fi

Whenever you access your Wi-Fi, it is right for you to check the devices which are connected to your Wi-Fi connection. You can find the device information wither from the LAN settings or the security settings. However, the settings vary with every network, but you can find it easily.

After finding out the connected devices, you can remove the unnecessary devices or devices you don’t recognize. This will help you to remove the congestion over your Wi-Fi and will boost your internet speed.

Moreover, when you live in a densely populated area, there are high chances that your Wi-Fi gets overlapped. For this, you can try to change your Wi-Fi Channel. Although changing channels will not give you an instant boost in your speed, but surely it will help.

3. Upgrade Your Network When It Is Immovable

When it is not possible for you to re-position your Wi-Fi router because it is rooted. Then, in that case, the best solution is to upgrade your network. You can do this by buying a Wi-Fi extender for your connection.

This extender will increase the area coverage in your home, which will ultimately help you access your internet at the places where you can’t access it before.

Another exciting way to boost your internet speed is to install new firmware in your router, which will increase the transmitting power of your antenna and give you good internet speed.

4. Get An Increase In Your Data Caps

Most of us are unaware of the Data Caps, which are included in your Wi-Fi. What are Data Caps? Data Caps means the top limit of the data which you can use in a month. An ISP never discloses it to you, of course, for obvious reasons. But, when you the connection over that Data Cap, ISPs start restricting your data speed. From then, you will start facing the problem of slow internet.

The solution to this problem is that check your bill. You will find the Data Cap in your invoice and maybe in fine prints. From that, you can ask your service provider to increase that cap or to move to a plan which offers you a higher Data Cap.

5. Go For Ethernet Cable Connection

Going wireless is one way to claim that you are up-to-date, but when you face severe speed issues with your wireless connection, go for the Ethernet Cable connection. Cable connection indeed offers you better speed than wireless connections.

You can use the Ethernet cable when you want to use the internet on TV, Laptop, Desktop, or PlayStation.

Just get your device connected with the Ethernet Cable. It will offer you outstanding speed. Especially when you want to a media with massive data requirements, a cable connection will be the best option for you.

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