5 Vital Things to Discuss with Your Web Designer

5 Vital Things to Discuss with Your Web Designer

What really makes up a good web design? There are various factors to consider when having your website created. This is important to attract traffic and get them to know about your brand. You can find professionals offering web design that can help you get a website that will promote your products and services on the web. Here are some of the things that you should discuss with your web designer.

  1. The Look and Feel of the Site

Get a clear idea on the look and feel that you wish your visitors to see when they visit your site. The first impression that you make on them is very important as this could determine if they would be willing to find out more about your brand or leave your site. The site should be organized and easy to navigate. If it looks chaotic, people may not be able to find what they are looking for or something that might interest them and they could just leave.

Most web users scan the site and focus on the header, the information below it and the details on the left side of the site, which is an “F” pattern. While they scroll down and check on what’s at the bottom, as well as on the right side, this is only done 20% of the time. So make sure that you have compelling information placed on those areas.

  1. How Fast It Loads

In this fast-paced world, people just don’t have the patience to wait for a page to load. Yours should be able to load in a few seconds or you might just lose the opportunity of connecting to those potential clients. If your site doesn’t load fast, they could find whatever they need from another site that loads quicker.

  1. Use of Images

Internet users are also more drawn to sites that use images, but not just any images as real and lively photos get their attention. Those that are made through artwork are not as effective.

  1. Responsive Design

Computers are no longer the only ways to access websites. Notebooks, tablets and smartphones are now commonly used to do this and they come in varying sizes. A responsive web design in Cheltenham makes the site accessible to any device used. Else, it wouldn’t load properly and users may find it difficult to check on your content in a smaller screen. Many people are accessing the Internet on portable devices as they can do this while on the go. You’ll lose a lot of potential clients if you don’t make your site available on these devices.

  1. Use of HTML5

HTML5 is a design coding language that offers better features than the old versions. It displays content without the need of various browser extensions like Flash Player. Having this on your website is good because this eliminates the need for users to install other software just to see the content of your website. Users wouldn’t want the inconvenience of having to do this.

Discuss these matters with the professional or company you hire to do your web design to get the best result.

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