5 Toys Every Newborn Baby Must Have

5 Toys every new born baby must have-

Babies learn new skills with each passing day and develop many new habits and creativity as well. When they interact with new people they are motivated and they begin picking up something from other’s behavior. It is necessary to introduce babies to creative games to enhance their critical thinking and make them learn even better skills meanwhile. The best toys for little kids help them develop attention, coordination, and many other skills as well. However, it is also very important to get your babies the right set of toys. Here are some toys that your child must have.

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  • Rattles and Teethers

Babies use their sense of exploring to play and learn different things. This helps them a great deal to make sense of the things.  They like to use their hands, mouths and their feet to explore and play at the same time. So teethers and rattles make a perfect gift for babies. These are specifically the first toy that babies are introduced with.

  • Bath Toys

Another excellent toy that kids should be gifted is bath toys. Getting your baby to the bathtub for cleaning and washing can be one of the most difficult jobs during parenthood. Kids do not like the idea of bathing but this thing can be sorted. By putting bath toys beside your baby’s bathtub, you can get the baby get in the tub as well.

  • Blocks

Blocks are every kid’s favorite toy. Large, soft and fabric blocks that are easy to be held by little babies with both their hands, make up for an excellent medium of learning a great many things. This develops the motor skills of a baby that puts a block over the block and smartly make a tower.

  • Learning Plush Toys

Learning plush toys are other great media of learning and developing skills. There are a number of plush toys that provide many learning opportunities for the kids to learn and grow. These toys have many games in them that teach little kids about shapes, animals, colors, words and etc. They help children learn phrases, sentences, songs, and even lullabies. There are yet many learning toys that can be personalized to say names as well.

  • Books  

When books are read to little babies, they pick and learn a number of lessons from them. People who make their kids accustomed to listening to bedtime stories are playing an excellent role in developing their baby’s imagination, their thinking ability, and their listening ability.