5 Tips to Prevent Young Trees from Wind Damage

Tips to Prevent Young Trees from Wind Damage

During winter, our trees suffer a lot due to ice, snow, and frost as well. But, it is the responsibility of property owners to keep their trees safe in their landscape.

The strong winds can damage the branches and sometimes entire trees, especially young trees. We should put efforts to save the trees in our landscape. It is not in our control to stop the strong winds but we can try to save our trees. Our strong efforts can protect the trees in our landscape.

Here, in this blog, we will discuss the simple tips that help to grow trees strong and protect them from strong wind.

1. Plant the Trees At Right Location

Planting of trees is the beginning and you have to start putting your efforts to protect the tree from the first day. You should choose the right location in your landscape to plant the trees. You should try to find the places in your house where your plants will least affect by strong winds.

Also, you have to consider the direction from which the wind is usually blowing in the landscape. If the wind blows from east to west, then you should plant the trees in the western part behind your home.

The house will act as a shield n this case, a house is most likely to protect a young tree from high winds. Later, when this tree will grow bigger, then you can uproot it and move to another location.

2. Use Covers to Protect Your Trees

The cover can deliver various benefits to your young trees. A good cover can prevent your trees from strong wind, pests, and animals as well.

It is a good idea to place the cover from the top of the tree. The cover protects trees from strong winds and also enable the sunlight to reach the young trees.

Also, it is very important to check the weather forecast daily. If the weather is clear, then you can remove this cover. If the next day’s weather is adverse, then you should cover your young trees again. 

3. Water your Trees Regularly

As we all know watering your trees is very important for their proper growth. Less water in roots and dehydration can affect the health of your trees.

Due to lack of water, your trees will become weak and that leads to broken branches, yellow leaves and various other bad impacts. With proper watering, we can promote the good health of trees.

The newly plant trees should be watered properly to ensure their proper growth. It is a fact that proper watering of trees will lead to string stem and branches.

When the tree will grow strong, then it can easily withstand strong winds and storms. Therefore, you should make sure that you water the young trees in your landscape properly. In your tree program, water should be a key element.

4. Trim & Prune Trees For Better Growth

If the trees are trimmed and prune efficiently, then they will grow strong. If some branches of trees have overgrown and bent to downwards direction, then they should be trimmed. These branches can make the trees lean in one direction.

Also, you should prune the trees if it is completely dead, weak or affected by any disease. The overgrown trees with leaned branches can lead to complete damage of the trees due to high wind and storm. Therefore, you should call a tree service provider like a tree pruning Sydney service provider and prevent your trees.

The trimming process not just helps in growing healthy plants but it also helps in maintaining the good looks of trees in our yard. Overgrown trees affect the visual appeal of our landscape. The trimming process will let them grow in the desired way.

5. Stake Your Trees

This is another way to prevent your trees from storm and wind damage -Stakes. The stakes provide extra support to your trees that will help them to withstand adverse weather conditions.

The stake tress also generates a sturdy root system and strong trunk in a short time. Thes stakes will also help trees to grow string branches when the young plant grows up. The strong trees are less affected by strong winds and storms.

Final Words

The prevention of your trees in your landscape is your responsibility and you should handle it carefully. You should prevent the trees damage due to adverse weather conditions, especially due to strong winds.

The above-mentioned tips will help to grow strong plants with sturdy roots, trunk, and branches. You can also take the help of trees specialists to know as Arborist. The trees specialist has special knowledge, skills, and experience. They can tell you the right methods to grow healthy trees in your landscape.