5 Must Have Accessories and Furniture in Living Room

A living room is an essential space for family and guests’ gathering. Filing it with all must have accessories is every home owner’s need. The guests and even family members feel comfortable in such area so the space must have all necessary accessories.

Here are the list of all must have accessories in living room:

  1. Sofa for seating

Sofa for seating

The foremost thing every living room need is a sofa. According to the proportion and scale a sizeable seating is what you need to set at first step. So, your guests and family members have enough space to sit together in the room. Choose your sofas as per the design and theme of the room like for the dark shaded paint, a light shaded furniture look amazing and create harmony.

Another thing is to remember the size of sofa. As before said, proportion of room is a considerable thing for a sizeable seating. You cannot adjust a big and cosy sofa into a small room. If you do so, other room accessories can’t adjust well in a living room. Pick a sofa suited to your room size and provide enough space for other essentials.

  1. Coffee table

Coffee table

A coffee table is another must have furniture accessory every living room needs. This table is where you can put your juice glasses, coffee mugs, popcorn bowls and much more. While sofa is needed for seating, coffee table in front of it is needed to hold your food and other items. Not only for a usage purpose but for room’s beauty, coffee tables look great. It all depends upon you what kind of table you choose. Whether it is designer and classic or a simple made, it is a necessity of every living room.

  1. A surface rug

Surface rug

Without surface rug, your living room may seem incomplete. A rug can make difference in your living room décor. But first of all, you must think about things to consider when choosing a living room rug. As surface rugs are great to incorporate colour and textures of your interior design, choosing a right one is essential. Also, measure your room size while picking your rug so that it will fit well. Bigger rugs doesn’t look nice and never fit in small proportional living room. The second thing is the design and material of rug to consider so it will last long and saves your money.

  1. Art pieces for decoration

Art pieces for decoration

Art pieces look amazing in living room area. Most of the art creations are specially made for living room only. The spirit of art add positive vibes it the room. Moreover these art pieces represent your inner personality through your choice. Placing of art work is depended upon the piece. Like for hanging art work choosing the perfect wall location is necessary. And, for other art pieces you need to decide a place like side tables or wall shelves. You must invest in an art piece that resonates with your soul. No matter if it is not matching with your interior theme. But it must look beautiful when you fit it at correct place.

  1. Drapes and throw pillows

Drapes and throw pillows

Another essential thing for a living room is drapes and throw pillows. Where drapes help to protect your privacy, pillows give you utmost comfort. Choosing drapes for living room may look like easy task but it is not. There are many considerations like texture, colour, material you need to take into note while picking drapes and curtains for your space. For living room, you may need bold coloured drapes. However, if your interior theme is different, you can also pick whatever suits to it.

Throw pillows and cushions are also considered important as they look great on sofas and chairs. As above said, they give you comfort while you feel tired and uncomfortable on your couch. Also, they work as the decorating material for a living room. Available in different variety, colours and materials, cushions and throw pillows can be picked different from your couch colour theme to create contrast.

A space where your family member and guests gather is main attraction of any home. So, if your living room empty and dull, it will look boring. As above mention, the sofas, tables, drapes are most essential things that your living room must have. Apart from that, art pieces and cushions decorate it to amaze your guests.

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