5 Interior Items That You can Improve Right Now


No one wants a cookie-cutter home interior design style.  That isn’t styling at all. It’s carbon copying someone else’s notion of what looks good in a certain home, which is typed to a generic personality. And you aren’t generic, right? Of course not. You know who you are and want your home to reflect that.
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But what is your style, and how can you make it show all who enter your domain exactly who you are? Perhaps you’re thrifty and lean toward more affordable interior design. Or maybe, every room of your home matches different parts of your personality, and thus, each has different interior design styles to showcase them.

Whatever your interior design ideas, they are worth the time and effort, in order to make your home exactly what you want it to be.  It’s your haven, your sanctuary, and your special place to hide from the world at the end of a rough day. It’s where barbeques happen, or pool parties, or poker games. But the most important part, it’s yours.

What is the difference between interior design and interior decorating?

There seems to always be some confusion between these two similar, yet still vastly different, concepts. Interior design is about behaviors. A specialist in design uses some art, some science, to use the behaviors of individuals to create the perfect space that has both form and function.

Home decorators figure out, using a person’s personality, the right furniture and aesthetics to give the space texture and depth, to accentuate that personality. They buy couches, tables, vases, and even lighting fixtures that they feel pair well with the client. The best interior decorators are artists in their craft.

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Interior design is by far the most difficult. Not because it requires a lot of self-reflection to determine exactly who you are and how your house will reflect it. It requires some often drastic changes that are rarely accomplishable by your average homeowner. Sometimes you will need a specialist to assess you, then assess your home, and figure out a common ground to work with between the two of you.  But not always. Some personal touches are so easy you’ll wish you had done them sooner.

Interior design tips 

  1. For living room interior design, you have lots of space to work with but let’s just focus on the couch or sofa. A coat of paint is the best first step. Then you can customize your existing couch or sofa with slipcovers or colorful throws, and arrange in a new and exciting way, to offset the paint, or match it if you prefer. Bring in some end tables, or a creative coffee table.
  2. A bedroom is a great place for an interior design renovation.  Move some things around.  Put your bed on a different wall, get some Egyptian cotton sheets and a new comforter. These days you can order a bed on the internet and have it delivered to your home.  Maybe you want to upgrade from a twin to a king. No problem. Just remember to also get the right number of pillows, the right size bedding, and high-thread count sheets are always better than low-quality options.

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3. The bathroom is one of the more difficult areas to give a personal tweak, but it isn’t impossible. It just needs some extra imagination.  Like for instance, swap your white toilet out for one with color, like red, black, or gold. Then change the fixtures to match. If you don’t want to replace the entire toilet, maybe just a new seat.  Something in padded leather, or wood, or clear acrylic.

4. Your whole house uses lighting, even if you have huge picture windows for natural light. Incandescent bulbs are a thing of the past, and florescent lights cause eye strain and headaches. Swap all of them out for energy-efficient LED bulbs. They offer a pleasant glow, and lower your carbon footprint, because the last quite a bit longer than traditional bulbs. And switching the fixtures to accommodate isn’t difficult. Going from a can light to track lighting or hanging lighting is as easy as swapping the wiring from one to the other, just be sure to turn off the power first. It’s very easy to do, especially if you have some tools for example, the best soldering iron to do it.

5. If you have the time and really want to make a drastic change, the flooring is the way to go. Pull up the linoleum in the kitchen and replace it with ceramic tile or adhesive squares in interesting colors or patterns. Or take your whole home into the wood flooring revolution. Many flooring replacements can be done in a weekend if dedicated time is allotted for the task.


You may be still asking why interior design is important. It has to do with the efficient flow from one space to another, and how that affects you. If you go from your living room to your bedroom and things are in the way, then your mind goes to a place of chaos, and a seed of resentment is planted. But if your home has a good flow, and you can travel from room to room, awash with tranquility, then happiness replaces chaos, and peace is the byproduct. That is what home interior design is. The attitude of an individual personified through home décor with the ultimate goal of creating a serene atmosphere. So, the real question is, with these few interior design ideas, did we give you the inspiration to find your serenity?

About The Author

Betty Olsen is a professional designer. She graduated from the Metropolitan State University of Denver, but her real vocation was to create comfortable, eco-friendly and cozy spaces. She is able to turn your home and garden, regardless of their size, into a work of art accessible to everyone.