5 Healthy Foods for Losing Weight Naturally

Losing Weight Naturally

I’ve always been obsessed with my weight. To an unhealthy, fanatical level, that is. And I partly blame my mother for this. Because even as a second grader, she drilled me and my sisters with a harsh lesson. The typical ‘fat girls are not pretty!’ one-liner that you often get to hear about. Only it hurts a great deal more if it’s your parent who’s the one saying it. And when you realize that for the purposes of this life, it’s mostly true. I can still remember her pouring over one weight-loss article after another on our Frontier internet package. And her repeated attempts to make her daughters follow every fad diet plan dished out from the Oprah show.

She’s dead now.

Gone to a place from where her vicious taunts and body-shaming rejoinders can no longer reach me.

But now I have my own daughters to think about. Little twins who, in the spitting image of their own mother, have inherited the family gene for obesity too. And who, again like the womb that bore them, seem to have started becoming conscious of their figures.

A fate that I want them to avoid, whatever the (healthy) cost!

Enter: Natural Weight Loss Foods

And so geared up with this resolution, I started digging around the internet a couple of months ago. It wasn’t long before I struck the ‘gold’ that I was looking for. A weight-loss panacea to be found in the unlikeliest of places!

Yes, you guessed it: more food!

Only, this was the natural kind. The sort of items (fruits, vegetables and herbs) that you’ve probably already got tucked under your kitchen table. I know I did. And I went right in for the slaughter.

Without even putting my apron on, can you imagine!

You Need to Put these Superfoods on Your Dieting Schedule

You really do, because getting some healthy weight loss done is only one of their many benefits.

For the purposes of this blog, I precisely mean eggs, salmon, boiled potatoes, avocados and apple cider vinegar when I use the word ‘superfoods’. And down below, I’ve dealt with each one of these savories one by one.


Eggs really are a wonder food like no other. They come packed with all the essential amino acids, and their yolks are natural reservoirs of a fantastic array of vitamins. And they can suit you just about right, whether you’re looking to cut down on weight. Or even build it up, with muscles!

A few years ago, many dietitians talked a great deal about the benefits of eating eggs raw. But all the latest lines of research have shown that their cooking state does not matter. Because in the end, you’ll get the same nutritional value out of them, either way.

Nowadays, I take one full egg at least thrice a week (as the only breakfast meal). I don’t even pair coffee with it. And as a result, I’ve noticed half a pound off the bathroom scale, last I checked. My girls have lost some of their own belly fat too.

And I can’t wait to try my next full-egg shake (which I blitz with some blueberries and coconut milk).


Salmon, particularly the variety that is caught in the wild, comes packed with the Omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. And these compounds, if you didn’t already know, are essential for your heart and brains. Omega 3’s have also been shown, in recent research studies conducted at the University of Maryland, to help get rid of brown fat. But at the moment, the researchers aren’t quite sure about the metabolic specifics behind this affect.

As a rule, I’ve always hated taking fish oil supplements to get my daily Omega 3s fix. Because I really prefer taking the natural route, and consuming my oily fish fresh. And in this sense, no fish quite compares with salmon. In either its health benefits, or its taste.

Boiled Potatoes

A few research trials conducted in Germany in 2010 showed that sweet potatoes (taken with skin) are powerful fat demolishers. Personally, I didn’t experience a lot of weight loss benefits from my own short stint with the said vegetable. But I’m no one to complain, since my daughters only eat sweet potatoes fondly (out of all the foods listed here).

And believe it or not, both of them have lost around a pound each.

Avocadoes and Apple Cider Vinegar

To really set this powerhouse of natural foods to work for you, pair them together. And as per a recipe I found on my Frontier TV Packages connection, an even better idea is to brew them together in a crockpot. Drink the potion for three days in a row, after a high-protein dinner. I also accept thanks in the form of cash!