5 Fall Fashion Trends – Everyone Needs At Least One

a girl with shopping bags, keeping up with fall fashion trends

Now is the perfect time to think about fall fashion trends. As the weather gets colder and leaves start to turn, every fashion lover wants a wardrobe to reflect the season.

Also, if you are planning on relocating your home, fall might be the perfect time to do it. Summer heats are just winding down and the bad winter weather hasn’t started yet. While you are packing your closet, you’ll come across some items that you haven’t worn in ages. This is an excellent time to get rid of all the ‘so last season’ clothes. Furthermore, de-cluttering has multiple benefits. You’ll have fewer things to pack, you’ll get rid of all unnecessary things. And it’s the perfect excuse to add some items to your new closet. In case you need a bit of inspiration, here are some fall must-haves.

1.Conquer fall fashion trends with a button-down

A classic button-down shirt is definitely a must-have. If you check out your closet right now you’ll probably find at least one. A good button-down is a wardrobe basic, that’s anything but basic. It can be transition effortlessly from day to night look. Whether you wear it as an extra layer or on its own, you really can’t go wrong with it.

Stay with classics

A classic white button-down can be the foundation of so many styles. Pair it with denim and ballet flats for the French-girl style. Add a plaid blazer and loafers for a casual night out. Additionally, tucked into a pencil skirt and pair it with heels to get the perfect work outfit. You’ll never stop finding ways to use it.

Enjoy comfortable flannel

Furthermore, no fall wardrobe is complete without a touch of plaid. It’s possibly the most classic fall print out there. Also, it comes in so many color combinations and styles. We all love a soft flannel shirt combined with jeans on the weekends. A plaid shirt in a warm shade of red and a comfy pair of jeans is a match made in heaven. Even tucked into your favorite work pants, it a great choice for an office style.

A fall wardrobe is not complete without a touch of plaid
A fall wardrobe is not complete without a touch of plaid

Additionally, the plaid flannel shirt is people’s choice when it comes to housework. If you have a lot to do in the house, the comfy flannel shirt is the right outfit option. It won’t bother you or get in the way, and even the long sleeves can provide extra protection. If you are packing your house for relocation, a lot of heavy lifting will be included. When you need to, for example, transfer your piano with ease, comfortable yet reliable clothes are a must. And on the plus side, you’ll look fabulous while doing all the work.

2. Jeans as a part of fall fashion trends

Open any closet and you’ll probably find a pair of jeans or several. There’s nothing more comfortable than your favorite pair of blue jeans. Denim is the star of every season, and fall is no exception. You can say denim and fall go together like strawberries and chocolate. As the weather gets colder, you turn to your favorite pair of jeans. They make the seasonal transition from summer to fall more enjoyable. However, every season has a style of its own. This year, keep up with the fall fashion trends and treat yourself to some new jeans.


several pairs of jeans
There’s nothing more comfortable than your favorite pair of blue jeans

You may lean toward classic silhouettes, such as a skinny or straight leg. Or you are ready to kick it up with a flare or cropped leg. In any case, this fall is the perfect time to try out some new things. Jeans of all fits, sizes, and washes are definitely in style. You just might find your new favorite jeans. Wear them with whites or neutrals for an outfit that breezily takes you through the fall and beyond.

3. Ankle booties

There is nothing better than your favorite cropped jeans and a cute pair of booties. It’s a look that just says “fall”. Check out fall fashion trends and a splash of color to a great outfit. Choose a pair of fall-friendly blackberry, pumpkin, or goldenrod booties. It just may be what your closet needs. Look for additional fashion tips that can help you pick the right pair. Additionally, ankle booties with a variety of different heel heights and toe box shapes are a must-have for this fall. The fact that it can go with just about any outfit is the real beauty of this bootie. Keep in mind that the higher the heel is, the dressier the look is.

a girl in jeans and ankle boots
Pair your favorite cropped jeans and a cute pair of booties

4. The classic jacket

Perhaps you own a trench, utility or biker jacket, or even all 3. They always complete almost any look in your wardrobe. They’re sleek, simple, and have just enough detail to make any outfit exciting. However, if you’re looking for new ways to wear any of them, try a pretty sweater dress. Add a pair of high heeled boots for a look that has a perfect feminine edge.

For a few seasons now, a jacket with military-style details is a part of fall fashion trends. It’s just what you need to turn a basic tee shirt and jeans into effortless chic. Whether you get one in classic olive, khaki, or a trendier shade you really can’t make the wrong choice.  A classic jacket is a layering piece to throw on over almost anything to really raise the style bar.

5. Get cozy in casual knits

Did someone say cozy sweaters? Fall fashion trends really aren’t complete without mentioning our favorite fall item. Get your cozy on with a chunky-knit sweater in a warm fall shade or neutral white that goes with everything. Chose wool, cashmere or a breathable blend sweater to base your outfit on. Furthermore, pair a thick sweater with some jeans for cold nights. Or match it with pants or skirt for a day in the office.

Like your favorite pair of jeans, a simple knit sweater is an important piece for your wardrobe. Stock up your closet with timeless styles. A cozy cable knit sweater just goes with everything. And turtlenecks in colors like black, red, or navy never go out of style.