5 Best Dodge Mechanic In The Soulslike Genre


The majority of Soulslike games place a significant emphasis on dodging, so the games with the best dodge mechanics also tend to be the most popular.

Soulsborne games have become some of the most important games of all time. Games like Dark Souls and Elden Ring helped FromSoftware become a giant in the gaming industry. These games are known for their great level designs, great fights, high levels of difficulty, and unique online features that remind players that they are not alone in their struggles. When talking about how Soulsborne games handle combat, though, it’s only a matter of time before dodging comes up.

Since Dark Souls came out, rolling to avoid attacks has become very popular, and later games have added “quickstepping” to make combat feel faster and more exciting. So, since the Soulslike genre grew out of Miyazaki’s success, it’s only natural that other Soulslikes have also tried to add their own unique ways to avoid attacks that are still pretty innovative without being too hard to use.