4 Practical Tips to Do Fascinating Travel Photography

Travel Photography

Travel is one of the best activities in life one can do. To cherish the priceless traveling moments, photography is you best ally. In fact, travel photography is a proper job if you are into this business. In this article, I will share with you my professional travel photography tips. 

1 – Don’t Consider Yourself as Another Tourist!

If you are going to travel for photographic purposes, the term ‘tourist’ does not do very well for you. The tourists take photographs to remember that they were there or to remember how well they spent time on that trip, but you, as a photographer, will enjoy two things; the first things is definitely the trip, not as a regular tourist, but as a professional photographer. The second things is that you will enjoy that same thing from photography experience, which is your passion.

2 – Prepare Your Photographic Equipment According to the Place

If you are a person who only has a camera, you have the luxury of enjoying several advantages as a single camera without more stuff doesn’t hinder and doesn’t weigh, and you have it at hand always. If you are one of those who have just acquired a tripod, a flash, some filters and so on, this may become a big bump that clogs, weighs and is not at all comfortable.

I advise you to keep the equipment if it is not going to occupy it full. Think about the attractive places where you go, and prepare yourself according to those types of attractions. For example, if you are going to a city where there are no beaches or beautiful landscapes, but if there are monuments, architecture or museums, it is better to only charge your camera with a 50mm lens and maybe a tripod.

If you plan to go to a place where there are landscapes, it would not be bad to load with your filters, tripod and your wide-angle lens. In short, you should only carry the necessary stuff.

3 – Daily Photography

The most beautiful photos of the travel photography can be where there are everyday activities of the people who live there, just ordinary people like you and I are walking, jumping, talking, shopping or doing anything else that they would do any day.

Each area is different and has its own micro culture to put it somehow. If you show it, you will surely get incredible photos. An example is that you visit the markets or the common parks that are in that area and show the daily life of the city tough you camera.

4 – Explore the Stories Streets Tell

This part is highly fascinating of travel photography. This advice is very similar to photographing the everyday, but here I want to talk about how beautiful to tell a story in a place where you have never been.

A photograph with history is beautiful because the emotional factors are so visual. Telling a story is not easy, but it isn’t complicated either. After finding that point of daily life, add a story, a couple in a park, an unusual buyer in the market, a child dancing next to an old man, and so on. These stories are everywhere, so live the stories with these fascinating characters through the lens of your camera.

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