3 Tips to Remember to Render 24/7 Phone Answering Service Effectively


At the present time, customers wish to be the part of that company which offers quality resolutions at the time of need as nobody likes switching one brand to another after a short time span. Furthermore, it is important for business owners to never let customers down while rendering support service. This factor can open the door of success because whenever a company lives up to the expectations, customers are more likely to turn into brand advocates.

Generally, customers choose the voice channel to avail desired resolutions, therefore, businesses should offer unmatched phone answering service. Here’re 3 vital tips that should be kept in mind for the sake of providing impeccable call answering service.

Put yourself into customers’ shoes

To deliver astounding phone answering service, it is significant to put yourself into customers’ shoes as that’s how you can understand what you are supposed to deliver during support interactions. Generally, businesses that prefer to handle customer calls by themselves think that providing swift resolutions is the key to lift the CX levels. However, this factor isn’t 100% correct.

Obviously, customers want prompt resolutions, but before that, they often want to have a word with a company regarding the inconvenience that they have dealt with. In addition, when support agents don’t let customers speak during the interaction, this makes a big negative impact on the support experience.

Therefore, if you really want to give your customers the best calling experience, always play your cards right. Here are some suggestions that you should keep in your mind:

  • Welcome customers to explain the issues that they are facing while using products.
  • Make no interruptions when customers describe product-related issues.
  • Inform customers before hitting the hold button.
  • Come up with satisfactory resolutions after putting customers on hold for some couple of minutes.
  • Ensure that customers are satisfied with the provided resolutions before ending the interaction.

Off the topic: Well, running an in-house call centre isn’t bad, but we want to make one thing pretty clear to you and that is any silly mistake while handling customer calls could affect the brand image in a negative manner. Thus, it is highly suggested to you to avail 24 hour telephone answering service from a reputed vendor.

Shorten the call queue length

The major challenge that arises in front of business owners while rendering 24/7 phone answering service is ‘Long queues.’ This factor is worthy to get attention because long call queues always dwindle customer satisfaction and lead to negative WOM.

Henceforth, it is extremely important to reduce the length of call queues, however, this is nothing less than an arduous task. It is so because telephone support medium gets preference from 60% of customers. What’s more, the quality of support interactions can’t be compromised in the name of reducing call queues as it could lead to the hassle of customer defection.

In short, the average length of call queues should be decreased without compromising with the quality of support service. Sounds like a laborious task? Actually, it is, therefore, it would be very beneficial for business owners to avail 24/7 call answering service from inbound call centres.

“How do established inbound call centres reduce the average call queue length?”

Here’s the answer:

  • A call-back option gets provided to customers.
  • Support agents get arranged in such a way that helps to handle oscillations of customer calls easily.
  • Reliable knowledge base gets build so that quality resolutions could be delivered quickly.
  • Important and most demanded options get added to the IVR menu so that customers can solve basic issues on their own instead of waiting for support agents to respond.

Give speech training to deliver the best

Last but not least, having highly trained support agents is paramount for rendering unparalleled phone answering service. This is so because if your agents aren’t trained properly, there is nothing special that they can do during customer interactions. That’s the main reason why specialised service providers like BPO firms, inbound call centres, etc. provide top-notch training to their support agents.

If we solely focus on phone answering service, providing speech training to customer service reps is vital. This is so because the factor that makes difference while rendering 24 hour telephone answering service is how well you converse with customers during support interactions.

Blunders related to accent, speech rate, etc. often ruin the calling experience of customers, which as a bad consequence, creates a negative brand image. Here, the significance of speech training increases as it prevents such blunders and helps to ensure meaningful dialogue with customers.

So, if you are handling customer service department on your own and willing to offer quality call answering service, give high-class speech training to your support agents as reputed inbound call centres do.