2023 Ford GT

The 2023 Ford GT is the hypercar you want in your garage. Ford has created a monster to offer an appropriate send-off for this iconic vehicle.

This is the last year that GT will go into production and only 67 units will be created to honor A.J. Hoyt and Dan Gurney that won the famous Le Mans in 1967.

If you want to get your hands on this vehicle before all limited editions are sold, then visit the Camp Verde Ford dealer immediately.

Why Is It The Best GT Ever Made?

This generation GT is the best one ever because of the supremeness that it brings to the table. Apart from being a limited edition where only 67 are produced, this car comes with a powertrain and interior that will impress any individual in the market to buy a hypercar.


This generation GT comes with numerous features and hardware changes to make it worth the price tag. Also, the engine is highly beefed and it is paired with an appropriate racing gearbox according to Ford.

This twin-turbo V6 engine will produce more than 800 horses and with swift gear-changing options, thanks to its automatic dual-clutch 7-speed transmission.

Moreover, Ford has stretched out this car’s chassis to give it a proper sports car design that will drop people’s jaws to the floor. Also, its dynamic spool valve (Multimatic DSSV) is upgraded to an adaptive spool valve (ASV) setup.

In addition, its revised suspension, wheels with center lock, revised suspension, Michelin Pilot Sport tires, etc. helps this vehicle to easily manage its power output when on a track as that will be its ideal place where people can drive it without any worry.

Though there is no official statement about it, this car should be damn near impossible to catch on a track. Just to provide an idea; a GT road legal 660 horses model takes about 3 seconds to reach 0-60 mph. So, this one should be much quicker.

The powertrain alone shows why this is the best GT ever made. If you have any questions or are still confused about something, then visit Camp Verde Ford dealership; the pros there should answer any questions you might have.


This is one of the cheekiest designs that Ford has ever created for a vehicle under them. As soon as people will come across it, they will fall in the love with sporty aspect of its exterior.

The interior created is likewise to match its exterior and offer the ideal setting for a driver. Without a doubt, this comes with a driver-centric layout along with other sporting vibes. However, for the best understanding, you need to visit a dealership and check it out yourself.


There is no variant; the 2023 Ford GT comes in a single version, which is approximately priced at $1.7 million. The price might seem high but this car would be worth every penny people spend.

So, it is time to get up and book one of the 67 limited editions of the 2023 Ford GT before everyone else books it.

By Hudda