10 Tips to Keep Your Baby Occupied Whole Day


If you have a kid at your home, you would be the best person to know how difficult it is to manage one. Becoming a parent is one of the happiest moments that one witnesses in his life. However, it is also important to note the huge responsibility that comes in along with the happiness.

Why do you need to keep your baby occupied?

As babies grow, parents often feel the need to keep them engaged so that they could indulge in other important activities. Well then for parents who have plenty of time, this might seem irrelevant, isn’t it? Well, that’s not the case. Keeping your baby engaged would play an integral part in his physical as well as mental development. Based on the amount of food that you are feeding your baby, you need to engage your baby in certain activities so as to ensure proper digestion. Moreover, indulging your baby in activities like puzzles etc would help in the development of the brain cells. In addition to this, keeping your baby unoccupied means you would constantly have to monitor him and make sure that he does not run into any kind of problem.

10 Effective Tips to keep your baby occupied

Parents often find it difficult to engage their babies in activities and the baby ends up spending the entire day on the bed. That’s certainly not good for the baby’s health. Once your baby starts growing, activities are important for his overall development. Below are 10 useful tips that would help you to keep your baby engaged whole day.

  1. Play Dough: While this is not a good option for small babies, it may be a good option if you baby is around 2 years old. Playdoughs , as you might know are modelling materials that can literally engage your child the entire day.Playdoughs also help in building strength in your kid’s hands so that’s another positive thing. This option will give you on doing other important works by keeping your child engaged.
  2. Books with colourful pictures:Reading helps in the mental development of your baby. Your baby would surely enjoy the pictures and reading out also serves as a bonding element between you and your child.
  3. Interactive Toys:Interactive toys are toys which respond to your baby’s touch and voice. They are wonderful things that babies love. These toys help in the development of your baby’s interactive skills. You could search for Hibobi discount codes and get these toys at discounted rates. Again these toys would keep your baby engaged and would assist you in completing your daily tasks.
  4. Rain bath or a bath tub: It is said that playing with water acts as a sensory stimulation. Rain bath doesn’t mean bathing in the rain. Take a bucket and make some holes at the bottom and use these holes to sprinkle water on your baby. This is an amazing experience that all babies love. Alternatively babies also love bath tubs. Give some bath tablets on the tub and your baby would enjoy for at least half an hour. This would help develop both his physical movements and mental happiness.
  5. Dancing: Dancing gently helps in the physical development of your baby. Well dancing isn’t supposed to be literally taken as dancing. Gently moving the hands and legs of your baby would be enough.
  6. Talking and mimicking: The more you talk to your baby, the bond develops even better. Talking would help your baby in language development and mimicking would be something that he would find hilarious.
  7. Craft and Painting: Yet another activity to free yourself up is painting. If you baby has grown a little, give him to play with craftwork. Engage him in painting as this would keep your baby engaged the entire day.
  8. Puzzles and Toys:Puzzles and toys are other ways of making your baby play and be happy. These again keep your baby busy and help you in completing your tasks. Look for Firstcry promo codes and get some great puzzle toys for your kids.
  9. Singing and Music: Sounds entertain babies. Try singing out to your baby or give them toys that play sounds. This helps them identify the source and the effect of the sound and helps in mental development.
  10. Identifying Shapes: The last thing that makes our list is a shape identifier game. This is a game wherein there are many blocks of different shapes and the baby needs to put those blocks into a container which has holes made in of different shapes. This helps in the mental development of your kid and keeps him engaged all days. If you want to keep your kid occupied and do some important stuff, this is the best way.

So these were the 10 top ideas that made our list. There can be plenty other ways too, to keep your baby occupied. Your baby is the most precious gift that you have so you would surely do everything for the overall development of your kid. Maybe start by using Hibobi discount codes and get them some amazing toys that would keep them engaged.