10 Steps to Bathing Your Dog in a Dog Grooming Tub

10 Steps to Bathing Your Dog in a Dog Grooming Tub

Step 1) Always make sure to ask your attendant about what supplies they offer you and which ones they do not. If you get there to wash your dog but realize they do not dispense shampoo or do not have a kind you are okay with using, then you and your pooch will be might unhappy to have to leave and come back. Ask them ahead of time what they provide there and what they don’t, so that you do not have to lose time or tempers. It is also wise to ask them when their busiest day of the week is. This will help you out if your dog get angry, upset or more out of hand with other dogs around.

Step 2) If at all possible, do not take in your dog when he/she is extremely tired, hungry, unhappy or hasn’t been for a walk. They are much like our children in the sense that if they are not in the right mind frame, it can ruin the experience for both of you. A good practice in general is get them up in the morning, eat a large healthy breakfast and then go for a long walk and possible some fun at a park. You do not want them fully energized, but you also don’t want them super tired. Getting them a good meal and some decent exercise can help your muttly friend release those endorphins from exercise putting them in just the right mood to help giving them a bath in a dog grooming bath, a harmonic experience.

Step 3) Make sure you are not hungry, tired or in a bad mood. Even if something comes up randomly that just throws your whole mood. Do you really want to be in a dog grooming bath yelling at your dog to hold still when you know darn well it is not likely they will do so? Also, our pups are usually very in tuned with our emotional state, so even if you hide your bad mood, they can still sense it and it will make them uneasy and less willing to cooperate with them. Go into your dog grooming bath with a sense of adventure, calm collected excitement and a good attitude and it’s likely your best friend will too.

Step 4) Do not get bold or over confident. Most, if not all, dog grooming baths have several super strong hooks in their dog bath enclosures, these are not for hanging pretty flowers, they are for keeping your dog in the bath. Use them. Bring an extra leash if you know your pooch especially does not like water or baths. Even if they generally behave or like baths, you don’t want to take the chance that they will run off right as you reach for the shampoo.

Step 5) Bring Doggy Treats. This is a valuable suggestion if you would like your dog to do what you want them too. This should be time for a high value treat such as; steak, chicken, cheese or their favorite treat. Make sure to bring enough to be generous with them if you need to be.

Step 6) Make sure to get your dog hooked into the bath enclosure by use of leashes and the hooks on the walls. Then set up your soap/shampoo, treats and anything else you brought with you to loose. Have your towels near by, but not so close that they get wet while you are giving your dog a bath in a dog grooming bath.

Step 7) Rinse, Soap, Rub, Rinse. Rinse down your dog and get them as wet as possible, this will vary in the time it takes to complete depending on how thick your dogs fur is. Then turn off the water, soap them up and make sure to take extra time to massage it in. Then rinse off the water and soap as much as you can before finishing up. Make sure to give them lots of treats while you do this.

Step 8) Do Not let your dog off the leash or out of the tub until you have dried them off. This is for both safety and easier drying. Get the water out of the tub and dry your pup off in the dog grooming bath tub before you let them out. Using a hair dryer can sometimes speed up the process, but a mix of towels and letting them shake themselves off will usually dry them within 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 9) Put away your tools and give back the dog grooming supplies you borrowed BEFORE letting your dog off the leashes on the hooks. This is also a good time to pay for the use of the tub if you haven’t done so already.

Step 10) When everything is put away and you are completely ready to go. Give your dog one more treat and then let them out of the tub and lead them to your car. Waiting until the very end might be a little hard on your pup for the confusion factor, but it ensures you both have a safe and hassle free time.