10 Benefits Of SailPoint Training

SailPoint training


SailPoint is an identity administration and governance system for unstructured data that Mark McClain founded in 2005. It is a modern governance-based solution that provides identity administration, additional group and role management features, provisioning, etc. Additionally, SailPoint offers risk-based security controls, password, and credential management, access recertification, access request and approval management, and enterprise authorization reporting. The SailPoint system combines various devices, applications, and data for effective functioning, allowing enterprises to create identity-authorized businesses. The key advantages of SailPoint include reduced risks, greater business efficiency, PAM integration, etc. Today, SailPoint is a trusted solution for businesses, which has led to a massive demand for SailPoint-trained professionals. Aspiring IT students can join SailPoint Online Training to develop their skills in this platform.

This blog provides insight into the various benefits of SailPoint training. Read on to know more.

Top 10 Benefits of SailPoint Training:

SailPoint is a rapidly growing platform with immense scope for aspiring IT professionals. Some of the top benefits of learning this course are as follows.

Learning the Core of SailPoint

Formal training in SailPoint enables students to understand the SailPoint platform better. Such courses offer an in-depth knowledge of the platform and its techniques, along with hands-on experience. This helps learners to gather experience using SailPoint alongside learning.

Huge Scopes

SailPoint has become a go-to solution for a majority of IT companies. Over 3,000 reputed companies from consultancy, finance, banking, etc., use SailPoint to manage their business. Therefore, training in SailPoint enables learners to make substantial career advancements in these sectors.

Good Salary

SailPoint professionals are among the top-paid workers in the IT industry. The average salary of a SailPoint expert can range from Rs. 4.9 lakhs per year for a Technical Support Associate can go up as high as Rs. 21.1 lakhs for a DevOps engineer.

Does not Require Coding

The SailPoint Workflow has a no-code tool that enables developers to create custom workflows without writing any code.

Highly Compatible

SailPoint is compatible with numerous programming languages like Java, BeanShell / JavaScript, JSP / Servlets, and SQL. Additionally, this system works efficiently on web technologies like XML, SPML / SOAP, Web and Application Servers, HTML, etc. SailPoint can also be set up on platforms like Windows, Linux, Sun, HP, AIX, etc.

Easy to Learn

SailPoint is relatively easy to learn. With enough dedication and a good course, one can learn the basics of SailPoint within 18-24 hours. However, 3-4 weeks are required to learn SailPoint thoroughly.

Provides Certification in SailPoint

SailPoint training offers certifications for learners. Companies highly value these certificates and increase one’s chances of getting hired.

Plethora of Job Opportunities

With SailPoint training, one can apply for jobs like SailPoint Developer, SailPoint Applications Developer, Senior Support Analyst, SailPoint Identity, SailPoint IIQ Developer, IAM SailPoint Support, SailPoint Identity IQ Security Specialist, SailPoint Now Developer, Identity Access Manager, etc.

Uses AI and ML

SailPoint uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to support various business functions and enhance the company’s overall performance.

Expansive Community and Networking

SailPoint has a rapidly evolving community. Businesses are increasingly using SailPoint, further raising the demands of SailPoint professionals. Therefore, training in SailPoint enables learners to expand their network and interact with numerous other SailPoint professionals.


To sum up, SailPoint training is a highly beneficial training course that holds huge career-building potential for aspiring IT professionals. This platform is relatively easy to learn and highly compatible. Furthermore, SailPoint uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to support business operations. This platform offers secure remote work, automates onboarding and off-boarding, and safeguards industries. Businesses are increasingly using SailPoint, thereby increasing the demand for SailPoint professionals. One can enrol in SailPoint Training Institute in Noida for the best training on this platform.